Your Goddess Awakened Retreat


Live streaming from Miami 

  Date: 14th November 2020  

Time: 11:00 - 19:00 EST

The transformative exploration where clarity becomes the new confidence!

Unlock your highest money potential. Undo a lifetime of no. Unleash your most powerful self.

Your Goddess Awakened Retreat

Money Mind Spirit

Dollar for dollar, receive more than you ever imagined possible. 

Life lived on your terms is your Goddess-given right


This masterful retreat will give you the tools to awaken your truth and unleash abundance in your business and your life.

Led by Manifestation Coach & Business Strategist Halle Eavelyn, Your Goddess Awakened is a retreat designed to unlock your Goddess energy so you can emerge renewed and inspired.

Are you ready to level-up and align your inner self with your outer success?   

 Then join us, immerse yourself in an empowering space, and learn the tools to:    

Rediscover and lead with your personal and professional core desires

Move from the business grind to business FLOW

Clear your stubborn money and success blocks - once and for all   

Integrate practical, powerful manifestation tools to double or even triple your income

Secure your confidence and self-worth by creating the intention of success   

Leave renewed and supported, connected with a new group of like-minded women.  

Space is limited!  Reserve your seat for just $97.


Your Goddess Awakened Retreat Program

Your Goddess Awakened Retreat includes four sessions with Halle, an amazing post-retreat celebration & 4 group coaching sessions.

Focus on priming and preconditioning for letting go and burning down everything that no longer serves you in session one. 

Discover why you’ve been programmed for self-sabotage, and rid yourself of the boulders on your path. 

Get your monkey mind to stop chattering at you, using simple techniques that will work for you every dang day. 

Learn how to leave it all behind.


Anchor a strong base for success in your business and in your life in session 2. 

Learn new ways to deal with your business, and streamline the choices you will make in the future so that you are never again at a loss for which direction is the best one for your optimal path. 

Gain practical, simple methods that will help ensure your success.  

Money is the very lifeblood of your business, yet are you blocking its flow?  

In session 3, learn exactly how Halle went from negative numbers in her bank account to $50,000 months, and take home her tools so that you can do the same!  

This session also includes a powerful exercise to anchor in your own money flow and open the channels wide to your financial freedom.   

The blocks are out of the way, the foundation is anchored - what’s next?


Learn how to apply powerful shortcuts to help you build the life of your vision. Session 4 is all about taking the quantum leap you have been waiting for.

Say a final goodbye to your old bad habits! 

By the retreat’s conclusion, you’ll be primed for success on every level.  

The best party is the after-party!  

Post retreat, celebrate with Halle and your new circle of Goddesses so you can network, debrief and revel in the new version of you!  

Your after-party will also include a Goddess cocktail (or mocktail) recipe and prizes!!  

Four post-retreat Your Goddess Awakened group coaching sessions ensure that you continue to anchor and expand your growth

Halle will continue to guide you to lock in your greatest personal and business results

INTUITION: Using Your Goddess To Guide You | Monday, November 16, 2-3pm EST  

MANIFESTATION: Deeper Practices For Results & Flow | Monday, November 23, 2-3pm EST   

MONEY: Tiny Energetic Shifts, Big Payoffs | Monday, November 30, 2-3pm EST

BUSINESS: Become the CEO You Always Wanted | Monday, Dec.07, 2-3pm EST


  Book now to secure your seat at the Goddess Anchoring Call. Live on November 08th at 6pm EST!



  A note from the Red Goddess herself:


Your business is off the ground and on the outside you emulate success, yet on the inside you feel doubt. 

Maybe you feel like an imposter. 

And maybe (sshhhh!) you just don’t feel like you’re worthy of it. 

How your mind has programmed itself would have no doubt served you once upon a time, yet is it getting you the results you really want? 

What if I told you it’s not only possible to live free from these thoughts and feelings, it’s your Goddess-given right??

Just think about that for a sec… 

A version of you that has the power to show up every day as an evolved, strong, confident being, ready to meet the future knowing your success is assured. 

Well, that’s who I’m inviting you to meet at this transformative retreat: 

The best you 

The fun you

The confident you

The nothing-will-hold-me-back you

The I-can-make-this-work-no-matter-what you

The capable you

The TRUE you


You’ve got an empire to plan and run. 

So Goddess, believe me when I say ‘YOU’RE UP TO THIS CHALLENGE!’

  One day can be life-altering, mind-blowing and set you on the trajectory and 

path you’re here to OWN. 

Anchor a strong base for success in your business and in your life so you wake up every day ready for any adventure that lies ahead and within.


Learn new money tools, that will catapult your business into the success stratosphere you’ve always desired.

Streamline how you make choices so that you are never lost or confused about the optimal path forward (the path that serves your highest and best self).

Gain practical, simple methods that you can lean on whenever you need them so you can thrive no matter what. 

Get ready to uncover and call in your most powerful self, so you can finally release the struggle and relax into the right actions to take you all the way across the finish line.


 PS. Been to a bunch of retreats that didn’t deliver on their promises? This isn’t one of those.  If you got the invite to join me for Your Goddess Awakened... Money Mind Spirit, then energetically, you are ready for this next level! 

Say yes to YOU!  

Virtual retreats with Halle usually start at $997. This price will never be repeated again! 


Goddess Anchoring Call


In addition, your registration unlocks:

Your Goddess Anchoring Call with Halle, to set the intentions for the shifts you desire. 

In this 90-min live call you will begin to discover and create powerful intention-setting language to shift you from passive desire to active manifested results

When the time for the retreat arrives, you will be fully prepared and ready to leap to the next level. 

This call will be held  Sunday November 8th at 6pm EST and will be recorded in case you cannot attend live (which you are going to want to do).


 Exclusive Goddess Community


Private retreat Facebook group with daily Q&A for 30 days following the retreat.


 Goddess Gift

You'll also receive a VERY special Goddess Gift once you sign up. There are tools and props that will make your retreat even more special.   Once you sign up, watch for yours in your mailbox!   



  Meet Halle Eavelyn  

  Halle, the radiant, supportive Red Goddess, will guide you on your own divine journey, introducing  you to the most important person in your life - YOU.  

Better still, she will help you to your own infinitely 

powerful Goddess SELF!

Halle sees your shining path and holds that vision while working alongside you to clear obstacles and remove limitations.  Experience enlightenment through your own “Oh My Goddess” moments!

Halle has over 25 years of business experience in software, real estate, film production and travel. Her work is deep and extremely fast; her clients experience powerful shifts with ease, upleveling their lives and businesses and releasing even life-long trauma.

Her acclaimed spiritual travel memoir, Red Goddess Rising, tells the story of her spiritual awakening in Egypt and the trips she has led up the Nile for the past several years.  A former blogger for The Huffington Post, her latest book, NutriGlamorous, is out this fall.  


Awakened Goddesses

“I had high expectations. Let's be honest. Really high expectations. 

And Halle  totally went above them. And something which I was not expecting! My 10 year fulfilled dream life, so solidly placed in my mind and body. I can now see all the steps I need to take and I couldn't before.” 

  Here’s what happened:  

“An intuitive moment with Halle changed the entire trajectory of my year. Among many other things, there was a moment where she held me to the fire this year and really didn't let me give up on myself when I would have otherwise.”  

    This is Michelle’s moment:    

 “The experience was life-changing! I had given up on my dreams and my desires and I was very uncomfortable with myself and now my dreams are back.  I've worked with Halle before and she is sweet and she gives the instruction very clearly. It's very easy to follow and to understand - she's fabulous. ”  

  Isobel’s experience:  

 “Every single segment of this event has been, in a word, transformational! Halle cuts to the chase. If I have a specific question she'll answer it -  very directly and very insightfully and I just adore the experience that she has -  her energy is palpable. I just love her.”  

  Claudia's transformation:  

 “Halle is just so full of insight and information and inspiration.

I am so excited about the quantum leap that is waiting for me as a result of coming to the money mind spirit retreat.”

      Hear Rima’s story:   

Experience this once-in-a-lifetime retreat and start living life on YOUR terms.  


Virtual retreats with Halle usually start at $997. This price will never be repeated again! 

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